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Custom Trailers & Hog Cookers

Custom Trailers: Competition · Tailgate · Vending

Assassin Smokers and Grills Custom Trailer

Let Assassin Smokers and Grills help you with your next custom trailer. Whether you need one of our 36" charcoal grills mounted on a trailer or you want something totally custom built out complete with a 72" charcoal grill and an Assassin 28 gravity-fed insulated smoker with custom paint and added accessories and options, we can can help yoiu build your dream rig!

Caterers, we can assist you in building your mobile cook space. No need to haul a van or trailer full of equipment to setup upon arrival. Let us permanently mount our charcoal grills and/or smokers for you to save time, energy, and make everything more oganized to cook the best you can! We are able to customize units to fit your specific needs.

Built to fit your Trailer!
Add a Custom Built Trailer to Fit your Cookers.

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Hog Cookers

Assassin Smokers and Grills Custom Trailer and Hog Cooker

Just like all the rest of our products at Assassin Smokers and Grills, our pig cookers are hand-crafted at our facility in Macon, Georgia, USA. Whether you're a competitive BBQ team entering a whole hog competition or a caterer or restauranteur wanting to smoke whole hogs to add to your menu, Assassin is your american-made hand-crafted source for some of the best high-quality cookers in the industry.

Although perfect for cooking whole pigs, these pig roasters cook other meats hassle-free! Large cuts of meat (such as a quarter beef), ribs, chicken, hamburgers, and more are cooked to succulent perfection just as easily with our hog cookers.

Go Whole Hog with one of our Hog Cookers today!

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